Friday, January 24, 2014

Does This Blog Need A Different Name?

Today’s Questions: What’s in a name? Does this blog have the “right” name? Could there be a better, different name?

Why these questions? I feel as though my reach isn’t what I want it to be or become, thus far my audience is small (although I’ve had “pageviews” from Germany & Russia).  Recognizing that I am a mere 24 days into blogging, it would make sense that readership isn’t yet large.  In a conversation recently with a girlfriend, she mentioned that perhaps the name is an issue.  If one Google’s the English translation of Soudain Soixante (which would be Suddenly Sixty), my blog doesn’t appear.  As noted in my first post, “Suddenly Sixty” is already used, although not currently active, in the blogosphere.  Stuck on that name, I chose the translation.  Now, in hindsight I’m rethinking it.  In order to read it, one has to be able to find it.  And I am thinking that isn’t easy to do.  Another reason to change it, as one of “the aunts” pointed out…none of us are really “suddenly sixty”.  It’s true; I’ve been becoming 60 for nearly 59.5 years now.  And thus far, my essays here have not been for the most part, about turning 60.  I have no followers as of yet, although that is in part a technology issue and "operator error" on my part - I don't yet understand how to have the "follow this blog" option work (I think it's tied to Google+ and I'm a bit leery about using Google+).  I've no idea who or even how many people may have signed up to receive the blog via email.  The Soudain Soixante Facebook page has four (count 'em) "Likes". So, I am thinking and re-thinking.  I have three requests of you.  #1-Please feel free to share this blog with your friends if so inclined.  #2-Your feedback is always welcome.  #3-Should you somehow stumble across this post and have some name (or other) suggestions, please leave me a comment.

And here’s something to think about…what’s in a name?  According to Here’s what my name means:

·      Your name of Gena makes you very idealistic and generous, with the strong desire to uplift humanity leading you into situations where you can express your desire to serve others.
·      You want to assume responsibilities and to look after people; however, you can become too involved in other people's problems and tend to worry.
·      Your name gives you a natural desire to express along artistic and musical lines.
·      You desire a settled home and family life, and are expressive and attentive to your loved ones.
·      You must be careful not to become possessive and jealous of those close to you, however, as you could attract losses and unfortunate experiences.
·      If you attach an ideal of service to your life, you could find great happiness and could express a very beautiful, happy, responsible, artistic, and generous nature.
·      The weakness of this name is in worry, which in turn affects the nervous system, creating a tendency to be highly strung or over-sensitive to the thoughts of others.

Today’s Photo (taken by me) is Mt. Rainier Sunrise

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