Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Regrets...I've had a few

I recently came across an article about the top 37 things dying people say they regret.  Now, don’t get ahead of yourselves my dear readers…I am not dying, nor do I necessarily agree that these would be my regrets.  However, it is still an interesting read and worthy of discussion.

Here are a few of my favorites…

#1 Travel when you can…as a social worker married at one point in time to another social worker, money for traveling wasn’t readily available.  However, post divorce and at age 49, I started traveling abroad.  Boy do I wish I could have done this earlier.  Boy do I wish I could have taken my children on foreign trips.  Boy am I glad I figured out how to do it at all.  And boy do I wish I would just be gusty enough to travel abroad on my own now!  I’m pea-green with envy with where my daughter and son-in-law travel!

#2 Learn another Language…Goodness knows I tried.  Spanish was required in 5th and 6th Grade.  I opted into French in High School and College.  Every once in a while I surprise myself with French phrases that seem to appear from nowhere.  And then, I’ve also been known to start out in French and finish in Spanish.  This was very confusing to people in France (and to me!).   Trust me!  I would love to be fluent in French…like the 3 year old on a Paris street, babbling away to his mother…in FRENCH! 

# 21 Do not, under any circumstances, neglect your teeth.  My childhood dentist was named Dr. Paradise.  What kind of cruel joke is that to play on a kid, I ask you?  Some of this is genetics (thanks a million Mom & Dad) and some is hygiene.  My only advice, brush, floss, and see your dentist.  Once on a dance floor at a wedding, the Father of the Bride (FOB) danced next to my ex and I.  At the time, we both had braces on our teeth.  FOB was an orthodontist.  He danced over…said to us “Open, Bite” we obliged, then the FOB said, “Don’t have children”, and danced away.  I won’t tell you what we spent on orthodontia for those two kids. 

#22 Talk to your Grandparents.  I only had part of a chance at this.  Lost Grandpa #1 the day before I was born.  Lost his wife, Grandma #1 the year I was 16 (too self absorbed, appropriately as a teenager, to ask her any questions). Lost Grandpa #2 the year I was 34…old enough that I should have been talking, however always lived about 2000 miles apart.  Lost Grandma #2 the year I was 44.  Again, distance was the primary issue, although we did share some letters that were helpful.  My kids, not so lucky.  They lost Grandma and Grandpa #1 within 9 months of each other when they were 14 and 11 (way too young to understand) and Grandpa #2 at ages 23 and 20 and Grandma #2 (with dementia) at ages 27 and 23.

#27 Learn a Party Trick.  Really?  Like what?  Pulling a quarter out of someone’s ear?  Beer Pong?  This one I do not understand. I do not regret that I do not know a party trick.

I don’t want to live a life of regrets.  Of course I do have one or perhaps two.  I'm not a Grandparent yet, nor do I know that I will be one.  I do recognize I am not in charge of that.  How about you?  Have you regrets?  Are you a Grandparent?  Are the kids and grands talking with you?  Are you talking with them?  Check out the list below, and let me know what you think.

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Sadie Mae...my kitten (actually cat)

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