Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What’s a single girl to do?

Okay.  Now what?  I'm over searching online sites.  However, I do want to date.  I want to continue my search to find the right gentleman to spend the rest of my life with.  How to go about doing that is the question.

First a bit of context.  I have two Aunts.  They are my Mother’s younger sisters.  They are basically nine and 10 years older than me.  We have travelled together several times and I like to think that we are close.

I could play golf with my son!
One of my Aunt’s suggested that I might ask the men I am meeting where they meet women; and I actually think I might be able to weave that into a conversation.  In the meantime, since I’ve no date scheduled in the foreseeable future, I’ve done some research and thinking on this topic.

Many years ago, my second Aunt suggested that I might meet men if I played golf, so on a visit with her we played a round of golf … that was the last time I played golf.  Not because I wasn’t any good at it, because I was OK.  And it wasn’t because I didn’t like it, because generally I did.  Perhaps in part because I don’t totally understand some of the concepts such as when exactly does one use an iron over a wood over a driver?  The other reason, I didn’t know anyone else who played and I’m convinced that golf is not a game for one.

A blind date "gone good", my daughter's wedding!
Here are some of the suggestions I found online:  the hardware store (I could do this if they would let me bring my latte in and allow me to read while sitting in the patio furniture section), a bookstore (this one I could do as they often have a coffee shop and seating), the grocery store (they are kidding right?  Who hangs out in the grocery store unless you are like at Whole Foods!), and museums.  Another site suggested on public transit…oops!  Been there, done that! Others…take a class, find an attractive man on a plane and hope your seats are next to each other (does that ever happen?), bowling, wine tasting, volunteer (I’ve heard Habitat for Humanity might be a good place to go), and the lists go on and on.  Personally, I always thought my financial advisor should throw single mixers with his clients.  He just laughed at me when I suggested that to him.  I don't know why, I think it makes great sense, he knows everyone's business, their portfolios, risk tolerances, etc.   But I digress.  The common thread? One needs to get out and about, be brave and move beyond shyness and introversion.   Ahh…another one of life’s little challenges. 

Golf photo by me!
Wedding Photo by Adam & Imthiaz Photography

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