Monday, February 3, 2014


Golden Gate Bridge 
My last post was 11 days ago!  Much has taken place since that time.  For example, the Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl (born & raised in Colorado, I am a Broncos gal, however having lived in Seattle (twice for a total so far of 15 years) the ‘Hawks stole my heart this year).  I was also on vacation.  This may have been the “best” vacation of my life.  And that my friends, is the subject of this post.

Korbel Champagne 
Culinary Institute of America
Beringer Winery 
Now perhaps you are scratching your head wondering why on earth that constitutes the “best vacation of my life”?  It was the best because I was able to disconnect and spend time reading and contemplating.  I came up with good questions, ideas and some answers.  I started reading Why You’re Stuck: Your Guide to Finding Freedom From Any of Life’s Challenges by Derek Doepker.  I’m only part way through this book and already I am feeling less “stuck”.

Here’s the first key for me.  “Realize however you’re making the choice to stay stuck if you don’t do anything.”  I’ve often quipped, as many of us do, that I am my own worst enemy, and indeed it’s true!  I’ve made a choice to be “stuck” being single.  I’ve chosen to use being single as a reason to NOT do many things I enjoy; like traveling, going to the movies or hiking as examples.  Yes, I’d like to meet someone special to share life with, however I am no longer going to choose waiting for Mr. Right over living the life I want.  Let’s assume I have a minimum of 10 years ahead of me, while I am healthy enough to travel to many of the places in the world on my bucket list.  There’s no reason for me not to go.  I don’t need to travel alone, I may choose to join a tour.  This makes total sense to me, however a week ago, I wouldn’t have been able to write this paragraph.  Cool beans if you ask me.  Next question…where to go?  An Italian trip? A smorgasbord of Europe? South Africa?  My choices…all mine…are endless!

What about some of you?  Leave a comment here about how you have become "unstuck" or how you make choices in your life.  

Beringer Winery

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