Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Rose By Any Other Name . . .

Photo is by me, from a rose bush in the backyard
I sent a “call to action” out via email this past weekend to a baker’s dozen of my “besties”, asking for help with possibly renaming the blog. 

And the results (Drum Roll Please!)

Two people commented that mine was the only blog they read and thus they weren’t certain how helpful they would be.  Thanks for reading it, it means a lot to me.

Two additional friends commented that I was courageous to have taken on blogging.  Thanks to them as well, it is a leap of faith.  And I so want to be successful.

One offered the idea of using alliteration…great idea…not sure I’m gonna find the right alliteration to go with “Gena”.

One friend had no clue I was blogging.  Another had signed up for the email version however hadn’t received anything.  Hopefully that is fixed now.

And another has offered several possibilities, including but not limited to:

"A Boomer in these Better Years"
"An Advancing, not Retiring, Baby Boomer Woman"
"A Boomer Becoming More Instead of Less"
"A Boomer at her Best Even Though It Can Feel Lonely"
"As with Everything Boomer, It is Better Than She Thought"
“Baby Boomer Gena’s Good Life”

A couple I had tossed out:

Living the Good Life of a Boomer
A Baby Boomer Woman

To be frank, none of these have captured my heart and soul.  I’ll keep the thinking cap on and remain open to your ideas!!

Thanks for reading...

PS~The blog had 26 page views on 3/28.  That's the highest one day count thus far!

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