Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Quality Improvement Journey

You may have a growing awareness of my desire to glean information about my blog, so that I can improve it, both for my own joy and experience and also to offer something meaningful to my followers and readers.  I think one of the blogger’s challenges is the limited or lack of a feedback loop, especially at the beginning. I don’t need to know who is reading Soudain Soixante.  If you sign up to receive Soudain Soixante via email, you are totally anonymous.  I’ve no idea (unless of course you tell me) who is receiving it that way.  Blogger is a Google product and Google does provide some feedback, such as:

Since the first blog posted on January 1st, there have been 726 page views.
  • 701 from the United States
  • 13 from Germany
  • 8 from Ecuador
  • 2 from South Korea
  • 1 from Malaysia
  • 1 from Russia

March 28th had the greatest page views for one day, a whopping 26!

The most read posts thus far:
  • I.Had.A.Date with 39 views
  • The Chemistry Conundrum with 23
  • 60 Years Old! What’s Up With That? with 22

And a total of 15 comments across all 16 posts.

I read somewhere that many bloggers stop at about the three-month mark, in part because they aren’t seeing the readership or benefit they are seeking.  Soudain Soixante is exactly three months old.  I’m not quitting, however I do want to make improvements.  I’m still trying to find the purpose and my voice.  For the blog, I want to combine my education (developmental psychology and child/family work) with life experience and today’s world. My goal is to “create community” with other baby boomer women who are living, loving and learning.  I think the topics that I would love to be thinking and writing about include: kids leaving home and sometimes coming back (again and again?), kids getting married, dealing with former spouses, grandchildren, the reality of working longer than one thought they might, dating at 60+, aging parents, losing parents, Erik Erikson’s stages of development.  I haven’t really gotten to these with Soudain Soixante yet, however I will!

I hope you will come along with me on this journey . . . thanks for reading!

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