Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Brief Interlude #2

My favorite mug with my favorite...hazelnut latte!
So, after posting the first "Brief Interlude" and sharing my confusion, concern and frustration about not receiving an email notifying me that I had posted Nine Necessary Connections (and BTW I didn't receive an email about A Brief Interlude! either), I did some searching on Google.  Turns out the problem "might" be that I am composing blog articles in a word processing program then pasting the article into the blog format.  Apparently word processing programs have more "code" in them than meets the eye, and extra code adds size and the email notification may become overloaded.  Oh the things a "baby boomer" can learn! Given that Soudain Soixante is a new blog, I'm surprised that I overwhelmed it with size already, however perhaps I have.  According to some of the info I read, the "fix" is first to write directly into the blog format bypassing the word processing software, then to go back and re-do all the previous posts directly as well.  For me, that's not much of an issue as there are merely 22 posts, thank goodness I don't have 222 or 2222 posts!

This is written directly into the blog format.  I may have time later today to go back and change some of the earlier posts to see if that makes a difference.  It depends, the "to-do" list is pretty long today and I'm feeling energetic enough to get to it: pick up items at the tailor/alterations shop, go to Nordstrom, return an item to Banana Republic, buy some bedding plants at the nursery for my hanging baskets and a trellis for the sweet peas, visit my friend Candy at Birdtail Beads, come home and plant the plants (along with some others I purchased and have yet to plant) and install the trellis.  Before doing all of that, I think I'll have a second "cuppa joe".

If you have signed up to receive the blog by email, and if you receive an email regarding this post, I'd appreciate knowing that the notification worked for you.  If you are comfortable posting in the comments section here that would be fabulous (and fun for me!).  If you know me personally, then a call, email or text would be grand as well.

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