Monday, September 22, 2014

How I Wrote My Dating Profile's been two weeks since my last post. I apologize for that.  I've been busy, mostly at work, and then I developed a case of writer's block. Sometimes those creative juices don't flow readily!

I needed to sell myself this week, not literally - well, maybe literally.  I needed to write a dating profile. Like many women I have a self-esteem issue or two. And I was raised not to blow my own horn. I was raised to be accommodating (read chameleon) and self-deprecating. Actually, I'm guessing that I might have developed my skills of self-deprecation rather than being raised that way.

Any way.  I sat down in front of the computer and nothing.  Literally nothing came out of my head or my mouth or my fingertips. So I spent some time online.  Researching.  How to write a great dating profile.  Big surprise, there are like a zillion sites out there talking about this.  Most of them say think of ways to make yourself stand out, make yourself unique.  They have a point.  How many people do you know that include "I love walks on the beach and sitting in front of the fire?"  Indeed, one might love those things, however one would likely not stand out in a crowd as unique.  So, I stewed over this for several nights.  Finally put together a draft that I vetted with a couple of girl friends. They said they liked it. I did try to infuse some of the self-deprecating humor into it.  However, one friend said she liked it, however didn't know that she learned much about me. And, isn't that the purpose of the profile. Pictures pull them in, the profile has to engage.

No pressure.

I edited it, and then presented it to Sophia (the Matchmaker) in case you've missed a post.  I think she liked it, although found my comment about dancing in the kitchen confusing (I thought it was cute).  She suggested an edit or two.

Here it is.  My 60 year old dating profile.  If anyone had told me at age 25, 40, or 55 that I would be single at 60 and trying to sell my charms on the Internet to unknown men, I never would have believed it.  But this is where I find myself.

"To quote Warren Miller "I am unique, like everyone else".I am independent, self-sufficient and desire connection.  I am shy, even somewhat reserved on first blush, however as my comfort level increases my extroverted side comes through.I like to dance, at weddings, events and especially in the kitchen.I enjoy cooking and baking and am currently known for some great BBQ ribs, excellent NY style cheesecake, and homemade manicotti.My friends tell me I "crack them up" so I think my sense of humor is pretty good.Honesty and integrity are central to my being.  You will get nothing less than that from me and I will expect the same from you. I am kind, considerate and giving. I take life seriously yet with a grain of salt and much laughter.Travel (day trips, weekend getaways, longer trips (domestic and international), walking, hiking, winter sports, watching NFL football and NLB baseball, and reading are some of the many activities I enjoy.You are kind, caring, supportive, interesting and inspiring. You are open minded and accepting.  You like and have time and means to Europe and beyond!And you are looking for a serious, committed relationship.We will have shared interests and friends, and things that we do separately.  We will want to spend quality time together. We will have fun getting to know each other. And we will have that elusive things called "chemistry".

So, there it is. I hope it is a door opener and that I am better in person.  Sophia is off introducing me via my photos and profile to men in the 55-65 age range. I'm hoping for a few dates and praying for a relationship out of all of this.

Stay tuned.  I am the only 60 year old I know who's dating.  If you know someone like me, share the blog with them.  I would love some company on this journey!

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