Monday, September 8, 2014

Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me A Match...

Here I go! Bravely entering the dating world yet again. It's been approximately 240 days since my last date.

One of my early blog posts was titled "I.Have.A.Date". In that post I shared some of my forays into the dating world over the past 20 (!) years. I also commented that I might actually try something more along the lines of a matchmaker rather than an online dating website. If you want to read the original post, follow this link:

That day has come. Actually the process of reaching this day, started back on April 25th when I met with Sophia for the first time.
We spent three hours talking and getting acquainted. I found myself feeling comfortable with her. She has high expectations for her clients. Professional photographs are one of those expectations. While I had every intention of getting right on those photos, the month of May came and went. June found me in Europe. July was focused on catching up after spending most all of June in Europe. I think a trip to Europe may be the best "excuse" for not doing something I've ever had!

High School Picture
Once we got to August, it was time. It takes a little bit of persistence and organizing skills to coordinate a photo shoot. Especially for someone like yours truly who in theory hasn't had professional photos taken solely of her since her high school senior pics! First one contacts the photographer, then attempts to get make up and hair appointments on the same day at the right times. Coordinating all of this was a challenge. One date had to be cancelled, however the second date worked.

Last Friday, I took a vacation day from work (Woot!!). I was off to make-up at 10, hair at 1:15, and photos starting at 3 (at my house, both inside and out). I have all 400+ photos straight from the camera, no edits. Some of them are lovely. Some dare I say, are even beautiful! In some of them my eyes are closed (the better to study the really great eye make-up application!).   Andre, the photographer has worked his editing magic. These photos are his selections.

He has probably already sent these to Sophia. That means her work and mine will commence.  She is available for date coaching (thank goodness, I need all the help I can get!). I didn't like dating when I was in high school and college.  I am not happy about having to date at this point in my life, or having spent time over the past two decades dating.  On the other hand, I know so much more about who I am and what I may bring to a relationship than I ever have before. As well as knowing more about what I am seeking in a relationship.

It takes some bravado (aka-guts!) to re-enter the dating world at this age. The prospect of dating, of potentially meeting someone special is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Sophia is challenging me to be open to someone older or younger. I'll have to see what happens, and where that goes. My current thinking? I hope to meet someone "my age" give or take a few years, with a similar historical/cultural knowledge base (where were you when Martin Luther King or JFK was shot?/music etc.), however I also want that elusive thing called "chemistry" and that may not be age-limited.

I am challenging myself to go into this with my head and heart open. Wish me well and stay tuned!

Photo Credits: Andre Belmont Photography
                        High School Portrait, Don Carlson Photography
Make Up: Sequoia Leopold

Hair: Annie Fisher

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