Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To This Post

I haven’t posted to the blog in some time. In fact, I’ve felt a tad off my “blog game” for a while now. All this past week the word “hiatus” has been in my brain. So last night I drafted a post informing you that I was officially going to take a hiatus from “Soudain Soixante” (which is by the way, still not the “right” name). As I often do, once the draft was complete I saved it with the intent of sleeping on it and posting within a day or two.

When I woke up this morning I fed Sadie Mae the cat, made my first hazelnut latte of the day and sat down to check email, a routine I participate in every single day. Today however was different in a small yet profound way.

One of my emails was from Amy Lynn Andrews. Amy is a blogger among other things and I subscribe to her “Useletter”. Today’s Useletter touted a WDS presentation by Darren Rouse. Of course, I had no idea who Mr. Rouse is (although I do subscribe to one of his blogs – who knew!). The video was 49 minutes long. I said to myself

Self, why do you want to watch a video of this length? Don’t you have something more important to do?” 

Apparently my “self” replied

“Heck no! Drink your latte and start the video.” 

So being generally obedient, I did as my “self” directed.

49 minutes later I am in a totally different 
and much more positive space.

Was it Karma? Divine Intervention? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. What matters is actually something that Darren Rouse spoke about and I experienced. I’ve been feeling disconnected, uninspired, unenergized (which isn’t actually a real word), deflated, stale, confused…can I come up with any more depressing adjectives (and one verb)?

I have many take-aways from the video. The one I am going to focus on immediately has to do with energy.

What energizes me?
How might I do more of that every day?
What do I do that provides or creates energy for others?
How might I do more of that each day?

Some of my readers and subscribers are friends…many dating back decades (love you for that!). I am asking you to either comment here, call me, send me a personal email, or see me at work or wherever and help me understand what, if anything I do or have done that energizes you. I would be happy to return the favor if you should want to go there.

So, no “hiatus” at this time. Still need a new name for the blog, and I have some “sparks” flying (thanks to Darren Rouse for that reframe) about name ideas.


Darren Rouse: 
Photos: Are All Mine!

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