Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014: The Recap & 2015: A Look Ahead

2014: The Recap

Soudain Soixante hit the blogosphere on 1.1.14.

I am a Joe Friday type (anyone recall "Dragnet"?) famous for the line "Just the facts, Ma'am." Yep. That would be me; lover of facts, lover of data, don't try to dazzle me with BS, an ISTJ (Google it!) through and through. So here you are - according to Google and StatCounter - just the facts!

In 2014 Soudain Soixante had:

  • 1954 page views
    • Most Popular Post: I.Have.A.Date with 47 views
  • 41 posts
    • My goal was a post a week for 52 posts so I am shy by 11 posts
  • 569 page views in January -- the month with the most views
  • August had the most posts @9, followed by January with 8
  • People who stopped by Soudain Soixante came from:
    • United States with 1593 page views, including readers from Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware!
    • France with 203 page views?! Ooh La La!
    • Spain, Poland, Ireland, Pakistan, India, Germany Romania, Ecuador, China, Italy and Ukraine
As those of you who have stopped by and poked around the blog know, I continue to hone my voice! It isn't my goal to be a whiner or complainer. It is my goal to ask questions, to tie challenges to data and research, and to move into my/our 60's and beyond as vibrant, lifelong learners, making the best choices that we are able to make as we age. This first year was a start and as my last post suggested, nearly, but not quite an end to Soudain Soixante. So cheers to 2015!

2015: A Look Ahead

Some readers will recall that JOY was my "One Little Word" for 2014.

My "One Little Word" for 2015 is PASSION! Why "passion" you might ask. It's a good question. I selected "passion" as for the first time in my life, I think I may have identified some personal "passions". I once worked with a woman who started every new employee orientation having folks introduce themselves with their name and role in the organization, and then to share their "passion". In my role as CEO, I attended all those introductions and was stymied every time I had to introduce myself. I had no clue what I was passionate about. There was the obvious...I was, am and will always be passionate about my children. I was passionate on some level about my career. What I have discovered, with significant excitement this year is how passionate I am about travel and photography...together and separate. I am, as some might say, totally stoked about this!

On New Year's Eve, my son was over and asked me what my resolution is. Per usual, I don't have a resolution, however I do have goals -- and here they are:

  • I will make a career change that affords me opportunity to pursue my passion(s)
  • I will do something every day related to my passion(s)
  • I will share at least some of that on Soudain Soixante
    • Again, planning for weekly posts
    • Increase subscribers by 100% (sounds like a big goal, but I just need to go from 9 to 18!)
    • Continue to find and hone my blogging voice
    • Include a "call to action" in as many posts as possible
    • Find a new and improved name for the blog...what would you think about "A Passionate Palm"?
  • I will go on another date...


  1. What is your "One Little Word"? Share it here on Soudain Soixante, and I'll support you in your efforts!
  2. If you like the blog, please share it with your friends and don't forget Soudain Soixante is on Facebook! Please "like" or share us there!
  3. Challenge me to do more
    1. With my voice through Soudain Soixante
    2. With my passion for travel and photography
    3. With being brave and taking risks
And last, however definitely not least...thank you for reading Soudain Soixante! Here's to another New Year, another new beginning. Strive to make it your best year harm in trying right!?!


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