Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The best laid plans....

Early Spring-Magnolia in Seattle
Let me take you back to the first blog entry of 2015...and I quote myself:

"On New Year's Eve, my son was over and asked me what my resolution is. Per usual, I don't have a resolution, however I do have goals -- and here they are:

  • I will make a career change that affords me opportunity to pursue my passion(s)
  • I will do something every day related to my passion(s)
  • I will share at least some of that on Soudain Soixante
    • Again, planning for weekly posts
    • Increase subscribers by 100% (sounds like a big goal, but I just need to go from 9 to 18!)
    • Continue to find and hone my blogging voice
    • Include a "call to action" in as many posts as possible
    • Find a new and improved name for the blog...what would you think about "A Passionate Palm"?
  • I will go on another date..."
Chihully Museum, Seattle, Date 1, Day 1
It's the middle of March, let's see how I am doing...
  • Yes...there is some action taking place in the career arena
  • Yes...I am doing something daily related to my passion of photography and/or travel
  • Weekly posts here on Soudain Soixante...apparently not doing so well on this goal with only one post in February, and nothing until today in March!
  • Still working as well on my "blogging voice"
  • Still wondering about a new and improved name for the blog
  • I have gone on another date (insert drum roll here) and what a humdinger of a date it was!
Ferry Ride and Lunch, Bainbridge Island. Date 1, Day 2
Here is a quick update. There is much happening in the career arena all of which will be excellent once it is sorted out...for now it is a bit of a conundrum. As for the pursuit of photography and travel passions, I do take one of my cameras with me most days and on the days I don't there is always the cell phone camera. I am really happy with how some of the photos are turning out. I am doing more in "post-processing" and that has been interesting. As for travel, I thought I would be planning a Europe trip by now, however other activities suggest perhaps it is good that I haven't done that. I've made a recent, very fast trip to Manhattan, and have several trips over the next couple of months; one to western NY state and two to Denver.  The blog voice and name will come in time, I'm not worried about it.

Snoqualmie Falls, Date 1, Day 3
And, yes.  I had a date. A really good date. A date that resulted in the very spontaneous (so unlike me) trip to Manhattan, as mentioned above. I wrote a draft post about the possibility of the first date with this gentleman, however didn't post it. Now, the first date did occur, and then there was a 2nd date (Manhattan) and the 3rd date is coming up. It's all more complicated as this is a "long distance relationship".  Like there are 2500 miles between us. This is not the "Hey Babe, can you meet me at Dino's on your way home" kind of relationship, this is a "how fast can you make an airline reservation?" relationship. Really? Because neither one of us could find someone just a tad closer to home?

Here are a few CALL-TO-ACTION suggestions:
  • What do you think about meeting a gentleman on-line, at 50+ (or in my case 60+)?
  • If that gentleman lives a distance away, what does the first date look like?
  • Does Skype count as a date?
Be brave.  Post a comment. Challenge me.

One World Trade Center - Sad & Beautiful. Date 2, Day 3

PHOTO CREDITS: These photos are all mine (c) 2015 gmpalm

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