Monday, August 24, 2015

Adventures in Dog Walking or How I Discovered the Trails of Klahanie

Taking selfies is challenging with a dog
I am a dog walker. At least I am for this week. I am walking Digger. Digger is my friend Jim's dog. Jim is away visiting his sister. Digger wants and needs to be walked twice a day. I am happy to do this as I like to walk. Walking is good for my health and spirit, and using my FitBit I can keep track of my steps. Using my iPhone, I can always find my way back home (easier than the bread crumbs back in the day!). I must make a confession here. I am more a cat person. I like dogs, however I don't enjoy the licking and sniffing of dogs...that's just me.

Klahanie is essentially a residential development nestled between Issaquah and Sammamish, Washington, located in the Cascade foothills. It's really quite pretty and has many amenities, including 25+ miles of trails.

A view of Yellow Lake

Digger is a rescue pooch. A Chow/German Shepard mix. I think he's beautiful. He sniffs and licks. He reacts pretty strongly to other dogs, with plenty of barking. I'm not sure if he's defending his territory, wants to fight, or wants to become better acquainted. In any case, I often turn us around and walk the other way when I see other dogs coming toward us. I value keeping both of my arms in their sockets!

The Adirondack Chair on the shore of Yellow Lake
Near as I can tell, the trails through Klahanie don't seem to have names. Digger and I have walked around Yellow Lake several times. It's a good walk for us. Lots of plants and things for Digger to sniff. Nice wide trails. Plenty of other dogs and their walkers, some runners, bicyclists and strollers with parents attached. The views are beautiful. There are "exercise stations" along the route. Digger and I do not do the "exercise stations". Someone (perhaps the homeowner's association) placed a couple of adirondack chairs near the lake side. A lovely place to sit if you or your dog need a rest. Digger and I stopped only long enough to take this photo. We did not sit. Klahanie requires all dogs to be on leash at all times and it appears that residents follow this (Digger and I thank you for that by the way!). The community provides ample pet waste depositories and bags, just in case the owner/walker is ill-prepared. It seems that most (but not all) pet people are picking up the waste.

Narrow trail near Queenslake Bog
 The Yellow Lake trail is a good, pretty and popular walk. Another walk that we enjoyed took us toward the Queenslake Bog. Very pretty, seemingly less popular. We started on a trail through a residential setting, then into a nice path and a narrow wooded trail, back to a residential trail. About 4,000 steps.

I have four more walks with Digger before Jim returns. Of course, I am almost always welcome to join Jim in walking Digger. The walks with Digger are slow (there's all that sniffing involved) so sometimes Jim and I head out for a second walk without the dog when we might actually get our heart rates up!

Apparently I am not tech-savvy enough to post a map with highlights of our favorite walking routes. This is just another skill for me to learn. In the meantime, you can look HERE to see a map.


For more about Klahanie, click HERE
Klahanie Trail Map

Photos are all mine!

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