Monday, April 11, 2016

With Gratitude & Appreciation

Grateful for the beauty of nature
I've said for many years now that I wake up knowing there will be something new for me to learn each and everyday. I hope you wake up with this mindset as well. You might be open to learning something within your career or profession. Or about a hobby or passion (for me that's photography; for one of my aunts it is likely gardening). And sometimes, the learning is very self-centered, such as personal growth and awareness.

I've been on a personal growth journey this past year. I didn't plan this journey. Traveling down this road was not on my bucket list. I planned to learn more about photography, like taking flowing waterfall photos. I planned to identify options for a 2nd career. As it has unfolded, my learning has been a total and most welcome surprise to me. It just kind of happened through a series of seemingly random occurrences.

Grateful that this was my view for 6 yrs.
I'm learning that although I believe (as does Little Orphan Annie) "the sun will come out tomorrow", I was living my daily life in the rain and clouds (and not because I live in the Pacific Northwest!). I more often than not, started from a deficit frame of reference. My inner thoughts reflected my fears that I "wasn't good enough" (for what I'm not sure, everything as near as I can figure it out). I needed to try harder, learn more, be "gooder". I started with a glass half-empty and the belief I could make it full.

What I've learned in the past twelve months, I am able to capture for now in two words: Gratitude and Appreciation.  In fact, even before I had started to connect the dots, I had selected "appreciation" as my "one little word" for 2016. This week I did a Google Search for "appreciating the little things" receiving 584,000 results. Some of the suggestions were "interesting" (always wear comfortable underwear), which only crosses my mind when I am not wearing comfy undies! Other suggestions resonated more with me. Here are a few of my grateful and appreciative thoughts of late:

I appreciate waking up in the morning with a roof over my head
I am grateful to be alive to enjoy my adult children and my grand baby
I appreciate my good health
I am grateful to live in a beautiful location
I appreciate that I have learned about "like attracts like"
and grateful for the change this awareness brings to me throughout each and every day

So appreciate that I have been able to travel
Years ago I knew someone who whenever he was asked if he was having a good day would respond
"everyday I wake up above ground is a good day". Yes, indeed. Sometimes it is the little things.

My days still have ups & downs. I still can feel frustration with small and big things. I am still on the journey (and grateful for that!). If you are on a similar journey or want to take this journey here are a few resources to get you started or keep you going. Journey forth!

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, the astonishing power of feelings by Lynn Grabborn

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