Hi! Welcome to Soudain Soixante!  My blog!!  Here are some quick facts:

  • Soudain Soixante is French for Suddenly Sixty
  • Suddenly Sixty (in English) was already taken as a blog name
  • I love all things French (and Welsh and English and Italian and...)
  • I know, despite how celebrating a 60th birthday felt, none of us are "suddenly sixty" in reality we have lived 21,915 days in order to turn sixty
  • Those of us turning 60 now (me back in 2014) feel, look and act much younger than our mothers or grandmothers at this same age
  • My GOAL for Soudain Soixante is to create community for those "of a certain age" who continue to be excited about learning about ourselves and each other while living our daily lives!
Me, mid-50's
My name is Gena and I think of myself as the quintessential, all-American "girl next door".

I was born in 1954, right smack in the middle of the baby boom!  I grew up in Boulder, Colorado; went to college in Kansas; returned to Colorado (living in both Boulder and Fort Collins); then moved to Seattle; followed by four years in Fort Lee, NJ, then to Cherry Hill, NJ, and finally returning to Seattle in 2006.

Academically and professionally I am pretty accomplished.  I have a BA in Developmental Psychology from Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas;  my Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Washington in Seattle; and my Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I've spent my entire career (thus far, as according to my financial advisor Steve...I'll be spending an additional 10 years working) focused on children, youth and their families, along with the employees and organizations that exist to provide services.

My Mom, mid-50's
Personally, I am the first-born child, with a brother and a sister.  Both of my parents have passed away, Dad in 2007 and Mom in 2011.  My childhood, like most folks I suspect, was a mixed bag, plenty of good stuff and some not so good stuff.  I love football, baseball, cooking, baking, wine, beer, outdoor activities, etc.

I've been married, and sadly divorced.  I am the super proud Mom to two children, a daughter born in '84 and a son born in '87.  My son is single. My daughter is married with a daughter of her own, making me a Grandmother.

My Mom's Mom,  mid-50's
I believe life is a journey of learning opportunities.  Most of those opportunities are exciting and delightful, others present more challenges, however every life event that occurs offers an opportunity for learning! For me, that is really the essence of what Soudain Soixante is all about.  I am a big fan of Erik Erikson's stages of psychosocial development.  At the age of 60 we are somewhat between stages, finishing one and preparing to start another.  We have some work ahead of us.  The existential questions are first, does or has my life mattered? And second, have I been the authentic me?

Let's go through this together.  I invite you to join me, and to share your journey.  There's so much to learn and so much support to be had.

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Me, Team Photogenic, 2008
My Mom, taken by my ex-husband
My Mom's Mom taken by my Dad

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