Years ago (like back in the 90’s) I became a certified trainer of the University of Oklahoma Advanced Training Course for Residential Child Care Workers (Wow!  What a mouthful!).  In the “train-the-trainer” training I was introduced to an exercise called “Nine Necessary Connections” based on work being done at the time to prepare foster children for interdependent living.  The idea of these connections has stuck with me now for nearly two decades.  I think they may be important to all of us, not limited to foster children.  I question whether in some way they cross over boundaries of culture, ethnicity and such?  And I wonder what they mean to me, and if I could strengthen these connections for myself?  Based upon those thoughts I decided writing a series here on Soudain Soixante would be fun for me, as well as interesting for you.

So here they are…the nine necessary connections in a list without definitions.  The next blog will highlight one, and provide more information, and so on until we have considered each of them.  Then we may circle back around to some of them every once in a while.  Sound good?

Connection to Information/Knowledge
Connection to a Significant Person
Connection to a Group
Connection to a Meaningful Role
Connection to a Source of Joy
Connection to a System of Values
Connection to History
Connection to a Place
Connection to a Means of Support

 Where do you think we should start?  If left to my own devices, my need for an organized linear life would kick in and I would start at the top of the list!  The connections are personal not linear.  Leave me a comment with the connection that resonates most with you!  The one with the most comments is where we will begin!!

And now….for the academic credits:

Pasztor E., Polowy, M., Wasson, D., Wolf, M. (1987). Preparing Youth in Out of Home Care for Interdependent Living (A Training Manual for Forster Parents, Child Care Staff and Social Workers). Atlanta: Child Welfare Institute; and West Hartford: University of Connecticut School of Social Work.


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