Today's Take-A-Way - January 14, 2015

I'm a Seattle Seahawks fan! I'm a Coach Pete Carroll fan! I am a parent and I have a degree in Developmental Psychology! I've spend my entire professional career to date working with children, youth and their families.  So when I heard about how Coach Pete called a blogger about her post on parallels between coaching the Seahawks and raising kiddos...I had to know more.  Curious? Follow this link:

Today's Take-A-Way ~ January 12, 2015
My favorite books for 2014:

Why You're Stuck: Your Guide to Finding Freedom From Any Of Life's Challenges by Derek DoepkerHighs in the Low Fitfies; how i stumbled through the joys of single living by Marion WinikLots of Candles, Plenty of Cake by Anna Quindlen

Today's Take-A-Way ~ August 13, 2014:

I love the Good Men Project.  Today I was captured by this post.  Enjoy!

What do you think?  Does this resonate with you? How many of these "things" do you want or need in your relationship?

I've struggled with #3.  I want to be seen.  I want to be heard.  I do not want or need a man to "fix" the situation or me.  I want to be heard.

Today's Take-A-Way ~ July 18, 2014:

When you walk into the Matchmaker's home (yes...I am working with a Matchmaker), and she says "Wow! You look fabulous and cute" and then basically tells you that what you are wearing would be one of the outfits she would recommend for photographs.  You (I) should listen.  (Black & white top, white jeans, black sandals).

Today's Take-A-Way ~ July 6, 2014:

As seen in Amsterdam:  Homo Sapiens Non Urinat in Ventum, which essentially means people shouldn't pee into the wind.  Good advice, though I was surprised they needed the architecture involved to convey the message.

Photo Credit is mine!

Today's Take-A-Way ~ June 5, 2014:

As an amateur photographer (emphasis on the word amateur!) I love this website.  And I especially loved this post!  Because while it is about photography it is also about life.  Take a look, let me know what you think!

Today's Take-A-Way ~ June 1, 2014:

I love watching CBS Sunday Morning!

Here's what I have to take-a-way from today's show.  It's a quote (new to me) from John Green, author of the book The Fault in Our Stars.  Apparently known as DFTBA - it stands for Don't Forget To Be Awesome! Which seems to me to be really good daily reminder!

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